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Video Archive

Welcome to the C4 Recovery Foundations' Video Archive. Here you can see video interviews of senior leaders in the addiction field. We explore their backgrounds; their thoughts about changes that have occurred in addiction treatment over decades; what they view as "breakthroughs" that have occurred in treatment; and what they would like to see happen the future. These are stimulating and thought provoking reflections of thought leaders in the field. We appreciate any feedback that you might have and suggestions for others to be interviewed.

An Interview with Ric Ohrstrom

An Interview with David Mee-Lee

An Interview with Jerry Shulman, M.A.

An Interview with Walter Hillabrant, Ph.D.

An Interview with Bob Lynn, Ed.D.

An Interview with Ray Tamasi

An Interview with Wayne Wirta, M.Div

An Interview with Robert L. Dupont, M.D.