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Near-Term Future Programs

C4 in 2018 & 2019

New Services for New Constituencies:  Building upon C4’s widely recognized brand in the substance use disorder/addiction space, and its history of successful programs, C4 will be expanding its current projects as well as moving into some new segments of the behavioral health field that currently are underserved.  Specifically, C4 will be improving its knowledge sharing capabilities to include rigorous academic research through a new distance-learning program and academy that will provide in-depth education to policymakers, community leaders, educators, providers, executives, and other stakeholders in the field.  C4 also has undertaken a major initiative to organize its various offerings to more seamlessly address the needs of the behavioral health and substance use stakeholder community.

Capacity Building: C4 is developing a plan to help the law enforcement and first responder community as they increase the availability of Pre-Arrest Diversion programs. (PAD). Pre-Arrest Diversion is a law enforcement approach that provides alternatives to arrest and incarceration related to low intensity crimes committed as a result of a substance use condition. With over 250 pilot projects already underway in the US, and similar programs in Europe, this trend is developing rapidly and represents a significant change in how communities respond to the criminogenic challenges caused by substance use disorder.   While the law enforcement and criminal justice systems are aggressively developing, and implementing these kinds of programs, the substance use community has inadequate capacity to provide the necessary treatment services.  In fact, the current capacity of the substance use treatment community will have to triple in size as law enforcement programs come online nationwide.  This creates a tremendous demand for new treatment infrastructure, providers, innovative funding models, and protocols and methods to allow for the seamless collaboration needed to support law enforcement initiatives.  C4, as a recognized provider of education and strategy, is taking a leadership position to help the behavioral health field respond.