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Current Programs

Professional and Continuing Education

Knowledge Sharing Exchanges:  C4 operates a total of five (5) “Knowledge Sharing Exchanges,” each of which is an organically developed and fully self-sustaining substance use treatment conference with a mission of improving access to high- quality, ethical, and effective treatment services for patients, their families, and society.  C4 accomplishes its mission by assembling leading experts, policymakers, payers, providers, and other stakeholders at highly-regarded lecture/workshop conferences.  Current conferences include two annual Symposia on Addictive Disorders -- West Coast (WCSAD) and Cape Cod (CCSAD), Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE), Addiction Executives Industry Summit (AXIS), and The Evolution of Addiction Treatment.  C4 has an aggressive development program to evaluate and implement academically rigorous education opportunities to support treatment providers, community leaders, and first-responders who must address the challenges created by substance use and addiction.

Mentor (Experiential) Training & International Professional Exchange Program (GAP-X):  An individualized learning experience.  GAP-X, which C4 operates in partnership with the Levenson Foundation, is a global addiction professional exchange program that fosters and funds the bi-lateral exchange of individual addiction professionals between US providers and participating partner addiction treatment programs. Each custom program is a formal collaboration with a variety of professionals and treatment providers designed to help bridge cultural, ethnic, political, international, academic, and religious gaps that inhibit the advancement of addiction treatment sciences around the world.


International Education Programs

iCAAD:  C4 promotes the use of harmonized global frameworks for substance use and addiction treatment. C4 is a partner and financial supporter of iCAAD, a UK-based international platform dedicated to expanding knowledge, exchanging ideas and advancing the industry in the prevention and treatment of emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. C4 works directly with iCAAD to host European conferences and educational events focused on encouraging dialogue and education related to addiction treatment and providing support in the development of new policy. Additionally, the partnership is actively developing an online information and research repository.

Special Trainings: Actively coordinate and host semi-annual European trainings focused on trauma and violence against women and compassion fatigue. Most addiction treatment providers lack the formal training and education they need to deliver trauma-informed care. In partnership with Kathleen O’Hara, LPC, C4 has delivered trainings to over 500 professionals across Europe.


System Development & Advocacy

Turkey: Through an extensive discovery and research program, C4 partners with two separate municipalities (selected for lack of formal treatment infrastructure / resources) in Istanbul, Turkey to develop and launch two sustainable continuums of recovery services that are patient- informed, practice based and driven by proximal and long term clinical outcomes. The two systems were launched in 2014, currently employ over 30 employees and have treated over 2,000 individuals and their families since inception. C4 currently subsidizes and provides ongoing management and training support services for these treatment systems.

Advocacy: C4 is actively developing advocacy and engagement templates and support programs.  For example, in Turkey, C4 works closely with local partners to help achieve municipal support for the creation of substance use treatment facilities.  Absent this advocacy work, it is likely that these treatment centers would never have come into existence.  In the U.S, C4 provides financial support and advisory consultation to New Jersey Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NJ NCADD) to support NJ citizens and the addiction recovery community in mobilization and advocacy for policy-related changes at a local level. Specifically, NJ provides direct support, recruitment, maintenance, education and dissemination of information in collaboration with ten (10) recovery community leaders (affiliate network) throughout New Jersey to effectively lobby on behalf of all constituents within the state.