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Whether you’re looking to advance your career or find top talent to complement your team, C4 Career Connections gives you access to the jobs, candidates, and resources to be successful. Job seekers: search jobs, post your resume, create a watch list of those jobs that interest you, and browse helpful career resources to aid in your search. Employers: choose from several different posting options to fit your needs, feature your job for even more visibility, post your position to the network for greater reach, and browse thousands of network resumes to find your perfect match. Whether you're looking for the perfect job or the ideal candidate, C4 Career Connections is the place to start.

From entry level behavioral health techs to seasoned C-Suites, C4 Career Connections is the place for quality talent in the addiction field. Jobs range from C-Suite executive to entry level and include titles such as:

➤   Department Chair
➤   Executive Director
➤   Addiction Medicine Physician
➤   Nurse Practitioner
➤   Addiction Counselor
➤   Physician Assistant
➤   Social Worker
➤   Associate Medical Director
➤   Behavioral Health Provider
➤   Therapist
➤   Psychiatrist
➤   Psychologist


As part of the National Healthcare Career Network (NHCN), C4 Career Connections joins you with an extensive network of jobs and candidates from hundreds of healthcare organizations and job boards. Post your job in confidence knowing thousands of members from all over the country will have access to it. Submit your resume knowing employers from the entire network will have access to you. Get started today!

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If you don't see the Category or Discipline of job that you're searching for or feel that your job needs a new Category created, please contact our Director of Technology, Jesse O'Donoghue, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Welcome to the C4 Recovery Foundations' Video Archive. Here you can see video interviews of senior leaders in the addiction field. We explore their backgrounds; their thoughts about changes that have occurred in addiction treatment over decades; what they view as "breakthroughs" that have occurred in treatment; and what they would like to see happen the future. These are stimulating and thought provoking reflections of thought leaders in the field. We appreciate any feedback that you might have and suggestions for others to be interviewed.

An Interview with Ric Ohrstrom

An Interview with David Mee-Lee

An Interview with Jerry Shulman, M.A.

An Interview with Walter Hillabrant, Ph.D.

An Interview with Bob Lynn, Ed.D.

An Interview with Ray Tamasi

An Interview with Wayne Wirta, M.Div

An Interview with Robert L. Dupont, M.D.

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C4 – a 501(c)(3) non-profit Public Charity is dedicated to the premise that society’s path to achieving improved access, quality, and integrity of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment is through education, shared knowledge, and rigorous research.

For almost three decades, C4's core mission has been focused on being the “go-to” resource for stakeholders who require relevant knowledge, education, advice, and training. C4 is working to enhance and expand the benefits of access to its services by the broad community of stakeholders.

Mission Statement

The mission of C4 Recovery Foundation, (a non-profit organization) is to deliver the best knowledge and education resources to treatment providers, policy makers, healthcare systems and other stakeholders so they can align, improve and integrate policy and practice to best serve the needs of patients, families and communities as they confront the difficulties of recovery from substance use disorder and behavioral health issues. C4 seeks to continuously provide financial, clinical and social resources to increasingly complex societal problems.

Core Principals

    • C4 is dedicated to the premise that we all benefit when the burdens created by substance use disorders and behavioral health issues are effectively addressed. Furthermore:
    • We believe that all stakeholders must collaborate, use current knowledge, and dedicate themselves to the needs of patients, families, and communities, and that this can only occur when accurate, complete, and rigorous knowledge is easily accessed and effectively conveyed.
    • We believe that substance use disorders and behavioral health issues represent a fundamental challenge and threat to the integrity and security of society and the ability of individuals and their families to lead productive and rewarding lives. Further, that the scale and scope of the issue is becoming so pervasive and global that it constitutes a national security risk and potentially a generational crisis.
    • Therefore, we believe that all communities must have an ability to respond to the needs of their citizens impacted by substance use disorders and behavioral health issues.