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C4 Recovery Solutions has long been an advocate for the recovery communist and recovery-based treatment.  C4 Recovery Solutions continues to work with interested individuals and organizations to improve the accessibility, effectiveness, efficiency and accountability of treatment services for addiction and co-occurring disorders. The C4 Recovery Solutions Board of Directors and our membership is composed of both treatment professionals and individuals from across the global recovery landscape. This uniquely positions us to understand and be sensitive to the needs and changes across a dynamic shifting cross-cultural recovery landscape.

C4 Recovery Solutions is a non-profit corporation whose Board of Directors is made up of addiction professionals, those in recovery, and other stakeholders. Some have described C4 Recovery Solutions as a “think tank” related to addiction. Others have said it is an advocacy organization, and others just aren't sure. All of these characterizations are true to some degree. Yet, C4 Recovery Solutions continues to be an advocate for improving access to and improving the quality of treatment for addictions and related disorders. We advocate for the field by promoting the use of outcome data in program and system management, as well as in purchasing.  We advocate for capacity expansion.  We advocate for science-informed treatment.  And finally C4 Recovery Solutions advocates that all needing treatment should be able to receive when needed. C4 Recovery Solutions is always seeking to enhance its talent pool. If you or someone you know could add value to what we do, please contact us at 202.903.8732.


C4 Recovery Solutions uses its 4 C strategy (convening, collaborating, conferencing and consulting) to shape its activities in policy and funding. C4 Recovery Solutions in many cases plays a "stage-setting role" through the 4 Cs rather than an operational role.  We help facilitate and shape decisions, rather than drive those decisions. C4 Recovery Solutions is skilled at challenging the addiction treatment field to focus on issues that are not being adequately thought about or analyzed. This is why C4 Recovery Solutions' convening and collaborating strategies are so important- more often these discussions are best done in smaller targeted meetings. C4 Recovery Solutions, as a convener and collaborator, can encourage and support segments of the addiction treatment field to address issues that are important, but that are often avoided because they challenge current thinking, appear to lack solutions, or would take too long to solve. C4 Recovery Solutions is in a unique position to be a neutral arbiter of such examinations. Sometimes, discussions and analysis are appropriately develop by C4 Recovery Solutions, but always through consultation and collaboration. Often our conferences give us an excellent vehicle for starting discussion and driving opinion when we feel it’s appropriate. Through our convening strategy, we can use smaller group settings that facilitate collaboration between our resource bank of professionals and other stakeholders to further issues that we think are important.


C4 Recovery Solutions relies largely on the success of its conference business and some private donations to function. Part of C4 Recovery Solutions' longer term strategy is to broaden its base of funding. Our new consulting service program is part of this strategy. The consulting service will use C4's talent bank to meet the needs of programs and other organizations. We are certainly hoping to broaden our funding base with this consulting initiative to remain self-supporting and to support a range of other initiatives. Many of the C4 Recovery Solutions' issues are not supported nor funded by large well-funded public foundations. We are convinced that C4 Recovery Solutions plays a vital role with respect to addiction treatment policy issues and we are also convinced that this must be continued and enlarged.

How can C4 Recovery Solutions help the industry, our clients and friends with funding?

C4 Recovery Solutions has many expert resources to help providers to improve the quality of the services they deliver through our 4C strategy(convening, collaborating, conferencing and consulting). Improved quality is what all persons with addictions, their families, and payers want. Measure improvements in quality and using them as leverage for increased funding is C4 Recovery Solutions raison d'être. C4 Recovery Solutions is convince that the new focus on outcomes and quality that may occur with the new Affordable Care Act there will at last, be a great opportunity to leverage the use of outcomes to increase and improve funding for providers. Yet these positive changes may leave some providers unprepared for the new challenges. Yet other potential changes may mitigate against improving treatment outcome. The full continuum of addiction services, as it exists now, may be under direct threat from those who desire to save money by providing primarily pharmacotherapy to persons with addictive disorders. C4 Recovery Solutions is concerned that most of the current treatment service continuum will be truncated to a initial, brief, and intensive pharmacological intervention, without any of the long- term recovery services that have been found to be so effective.


C4 Recovery Solutions' has a rich resource bank of highly accomplished professionals in all addiction-related areas, including: researchers, clinical practitioners, policy makers, local, national, and international system managers mangers of public and private treatment systems. In collaboration with these professionals, C4 Recovery Solutions has led the field in developing strategies for assessing the effectiveness of addiction treatment. C4 Recovery Solutions has assembled an incredible group of addiction-related human resources that we have collaborated with over the past decades. We are an information warehouse built upon our hard won (and at times lost) global experience. Our volunteer Board members have garnered wisdom of what has and has not worked in different settings and under different conditions and constructs in addiction treatment.

“C4 Recovery Solutions “four C’s” most directly come into play when we interact with treatment professionals,”

Ric Ohrstom, Chairman C4 Recovery Solutions

Through its conferencing and collaborating strategies, C4 Recovery Solutions presents two of the largest and most successful academic symposia related to all facets of addiction treatment each year, the West Coast Symposium a on Addictive Disorders (www.WCSAD.com) and the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (www.CCSAD.com).  By means of these conferences, C4 Recovery Solutions helps translate the latest research into practical useful terms for practitioners as well as create an atmosphere where there is interaction between clinicians, policy makers, management, and other stakeholders that would not otherwise take place. In convening and bringing such groups together, collaboration takes place and through such shared experiences ultimately more effective delivery of services to the patient results over the long term we have found.