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C4 Recovery Solutions is on the cusp of an international partnership to provide a mentoring program for addiction treatment professionals in other countries in order to enhance their skills and abilities, especially related to outcome-based treatment systems.


C4 Recovery Solutions is collaborating with the Levenson family in its commitment to help bridge cultural, ethnic, political, international, academic, and religious gaps that inhibit the advancement of addiction treatment sciences around the world.

Consistent with its goal to facilitate the addiction treatment field  to move towards outcomes-based purchasing, C4 Recovery Solutions has assembled a multi-disciplinary group of Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) professionals to explore how outcome data can be integrated into their systems, particularly against the backdrop of the emerging influence of the Affordable Care Act.  

C4 Recovery Solutions' predecessor organization the Coalition of Outcomes Based Benefits  (COBB) consulted with  several  Federal  government officials, including then- Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey, about using outcomes in service delivery. In response COBB convened a series of meetings to define the essential data set that would be collected by all treatment providers in order to compare the results of treatment. Part of this process involved developing a common taxonomy in order to compare client and service characteristics.