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Convening is one of C4 Recovery Solutions most important strategies. Because we know the value of bringing together individuals to help each other meet their collective needs, we have been very successful at helping people work together to leverage their skills and abilities to address common issues and challenges. C4 Recovery Solutions is able to bring together stakeholders who have conflicting views and relationships and act as a neutral broker. Thus various groups and individuals can be convened and urged to leave their biases at the door in order to develop constructive solutions to common problems. Being a neutral broker makes C4 Recovery Solutions a premier convener in the addictions field.

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Often, in its role as a thought leader, C4 Recovery Solutions will see an issue of vital importance to the addiction treatment field. In its role as a neutral convener, we will sponsor a specific meeting or event to bring together stakeholders best equipped to address the issue.

Examples of recent meetings that C4 Recovery Solutions has convened include:

Veterans with Addictive and Co-occurring Disorders

C4 Recovery Solutions is convening a group that will focus on the treatment needs of Veterans. This collaboration with the Rutgers Summer School on Addiction Studies will attract experts from around the country to attend a day and a half meeting to discuss best practices in the treatment of Veterans with addictions and co-occurring problems. C4 Recovery Solutions is acutely aware that many involved in developing treatment approaches for Veterans, i.e., clinicians, scientists, policymakers, have not successfully shared their successes with each other. C4 Recovery Solutions is also aware that some very successful non-traditional approaches must also become part of the treatment armamentarium. Because of C4 Recovery Solutions' success inconvening experts to address similar issues, we know that the recommendations of this group will provide added value to the addiction treatment field.

DUI/Outcomes Project

Consistent with its goal to facilitate the addiction treatment field to move towards outcomes-based purchasing, C4 Recovery Solutions has assembled a multi-disciplinary group of Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) professionals to explore how outcome data can be integrated into their systems, particularly against the backdrop of the emerging influence of the Affordable Care Act. This group has identified three promising areas for value-based purchasing, with an outcomes-based delivery system to address the needs of the chronic-relapsing DUI population. C4 Recovery Solutions subsequently assembled a team of experts with the necessary specialized skill sets to develop and subsequently market this product. A strategic plan is being developed and C4 Recovery Solutions expects to have a set of best practices and services ready for implementation by January 2014.

CORE Conference

Late in 2011 a group of providers of traditional 12-step-based programs that emphasize the spiritual component of recovery approached C4 Recovery Solutions with their concern that in the rush to modernize treatment, many providers had slipped away from time-tested, effective interventions. Their goal was to convene a conference to reacquaint addiction treatment providers and payers with the value of these more traditional services. This conference, which is being planned as an annual event, will be held on Amelia Island in June. Go here for more information.

Planning Group

C4 Recovery Solutions convened a day-long planning meeting, the goal of which was to develop value propositions related to outcome monitoring and performance-based purchasing of substance abuse services, based on the concept that the use of outcomes to define a value proposition will lead to enhanced funding for and improve the quality of recovery services to more of those in need. Twenty-four experts in the addiction field participated. There emerged a consensus that some payer groups are be more amenable to focusing on developing an outcomes-driven management system. The payer groups identified included the correctional system, self-insured plans, union trusts, and State Medicaid programs. This planning session led to the DUI/Outcomes project discussed above there emerged a consensus that some payer groups are be more amenable to focusing on developing an outcomes-driven management system. The payer groups identified included the correctional system, self-insured plans, union trusts, and State Medicaid programs.

West Coast and Cape Cod Symposia on Addictive Disorders

In addition to our individualized meetings, our West Coast (WCSAD) and Cape Cod (CCSAD) Symposia on Addictive Disorders are convenings that affect system-wide change in the addiction treatment field. Not only are the high quality formal presentations at WCSAD and CCSAD important, but C4 Recovery Solutions also carefully structures the symposia to create an atmosphere where attendees can interact informally in order to facilitate the development of alliances that can lead to better service delivery and, in turn, outcomes for persons with addictive disorders and their families.

Convening to Address Emerging Policy Issues

C4 Recovery Solutions, as it has done in the past, is anticipating convening groups to address several emergent issues in the addiction field. C4 Recovery Solutions' leadership in the field compels it to convene groups to consider these challenges:

  1. The full continuum of addiction services, as it exists now, may be under direct threat from those who desire to save money by providing primarily pharmacotherapy to persons with addictive disorders. C4 Recovery Solutions is concerned that most of the current treatment service continuum will be truncated to a initial, brief, and intensive pharmacological intervention, without any of the long- term recovery services that have been found to be so effective.
  2. The ageing of the addiction practitioner community can have a devastating effect on the field if younger workforce is not developed. C4 Recovery Solutions is very concerned that there are few clinical practitioners under the age of 45 and that the field is facing a crisis within five to ten years if there are no younger recruits into the treatment system.
  3. Less than a quarter as many women than men access treatment. We know that there is no significant difference in the incidence of addiction between the genders, and that the difference is actually related to many societal-, cultural-, and gender- specific issues that must be addressed.
  4. C4 Recovery Solutions is aware that there exists a chasm between the primarily publicly funded addiction treatment system and the privately funded treatment system. We are convinced that there is synergy to be gained by bridging this gap.

Because of C4 Recovery Solutions' expertise in convening, we can help individuals and organizations bring together experts to address important issues. Please contact C4 Recovery Solutions at : 800.611.573 to discuss with a C4 Recovery Solutions staff person any of these projects and other convening opportunities.


The addictions service delivery system in the United Kingdom (UK) is broader than the American system because there are many providers who do not use the traditional AA-based approach, and do not have abstinence as their primary goal. These “Harm Minimization” agencies and personnel are sometimes perceived as being at odds with the abstinence-oriented providers. C4 Recovery Solutions' predecessor organization (COBB) convened a group of representatives of these varying points of view in order to reduce the acrimony that existed between and among providers. Over several years, and many meetings, COBB convened meetings to bring together the treatment professionals and administrators of these divergent treatment approaches, resulting in a level of understanding and cooperation that manifested itself in two major projects:

  1. A “Shadowing” project

    where provider staff from one philosophical orientation worked in collaboration with their colleagues from the other orientation, which led to an emerging understanding and appreciation of the value of these different approaches.

  2. In its conferencing role

    C4 Recovery Solutions (i.e. COBB) sponsored a conference held at Westminster Cathedral in November, 2003 at which representatives from the various points on the continuum shared their approaches and practices with professionals from other agencies.

Information on UNIITY can be obtained through Deirdre Boyd at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Iowa Business-to-Business Project

In 2002, C4 Recovery Solutions (then COBB) collaborated with the Hanley Foundation and Employee Referral Services (ERS) to develop a “business-to-business” training program in value-based purchasing for large corporate employers. The content of the program was developed from training events that COBB had been successfully conducting for a number of years for public sector payers. This content for this project was augmented by extensive input from organized labor and commercial insurance representatives. In 2003, a two day seminar was convened in Des Moines, Iowa attended by 14 large corporations including, the Prime Group, Pella Windows, Burlington Northern Railroads, Amana Appliances and several other Fortune 500 companies.

As a result of contacts fostered in this process, COBB developed a strong relationship with organized labor, which led to similar trainings for the UAW, the ILWU, and several other large unions. Many of the participants in both trainings reported subsequent success in negotiating more comprehensive coverage packages for substance abuse from the third-party providers and insurers.

 If C4 Recovery Solutionscan help with convening needs, please call 800.611.5735 to talk with a staff person.