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Who And What Are C4 Recovery Solutions

C4 Recovery Solutions is a non-profit corporation whose Board of Directors is made up of addiction professionals, those in recovery, and other stakeholders. Some have described C4 Recovery Solutions as a “think tank” related to addiction. Others have said it is an advocacy organization, and others just aren't sure. All of these characterizations are true to some degree. Yet, C4 Recovery Solutions continues to be an advocate for improving access to and improving the quality of treatment for addictions and related disorders. We advocate for the field by promoting the use of outcome data in program and system management, as well as in purchasing.  We advocate for capacity expansion.  We advocate for science-informed treatment.  And finally C4 Recovery Solutions advocates that all needing treatment should be able to receive when needed. C4 Recovery Solutions is always seeking to enhance its talent pool. If you or someone you know could add value to what we do, please contact us at 202.903.8732.