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Treatment Professionals

C4 Recovery Solutions' has a rich resource bank of highly accomplished professionals in all addiction-related areas, including: researchers, clinical practitioners, policy makers, local, national, and international system managers mangers of public and private treatment systems. In collaboration with these professionals, C4 Recovery Solutions has led the field in developing strategies for assessing the effectiveness of addiction treatment. C4 Recovery Solutions has assembled an incredible group of addiction-related human resources that we have collaborated with over the past decades. We are an information warehouse built upon our hard won (and at times lost) global experience. Our volunteer Board members have garnered wisdom of what has and has not worked in different settings and under different conditions and constructs in addiction treatment.

“C4 Recovery Solutions “four C’s” most directly come into play when we interact with treatment professionals,”

Ric Ohrstom, Chairman C4 Recovery Solutions

Through its conferencing and collaborating strategies, C4 Recovery Solutions presents two of the largest and most successful academic symposia related to all facets of addiction treatment each year, the West Coast Symposium a on Addictive Disorders (www.WCSAD.com) and the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (www.CCSAD.com).  By means of these conferences, C4 Recovery Solutions helps translate the latest research into practical useful terms for practitioners as well as create an atmosphere where there is interaction between clinicians, policy makers, management, and other stakeholders that would not otherwise take place. In convening and bringing such groups together, collaboration takes place and through such shared experiences ultimately more effective delivery of services to the patient results over the long term we have found.