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C4 Recovery Solutions' Consulting Networks

C4 Recovery Solutions' consulting network has worked with local organizations on a broad range of projects. Because of the breadth of its network, C4 Recovery Solutions has been involved in providing consultation regarding the work of indigenous healers, accountability-based treatment systems, and criminal justice-related projects.  In one of C4 Recovery Solutions' current initiatives C4 Recovery Solutions has assembled a multi-disciplinary network of Driving-Under-the-Influence (DUI) professionals to explore how outcome data can be integrated into their systems, particularly against the backdrop of the emerging influence of the Affordable Care Act. This group has identified three promising areas for value-based purchasing, with an outcomes-based delivery system to address the needs of  the chronic-relapsing DUI population. C4 Recovery Solutions subsequently assembled a team of experts with the necessary specialized skill sets to develop and subsequently market this product. A strategic plan is being developed and C4 Recovery Solutions expects to  have a set of best practices and services ready for implementation by January 2014.