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Private Hosted Events

C4 Recovery Solutions also hosts private events to provide an opportunity to convene experts on focused topics.

An example is our newest convocation that will focus on the treatment needs of Veterans. This collaboration with the Rutgers Summer School on Addiction Studies will attract experts from around the country to attend a day and a half meeting to discuss best practices in the treatment of Veterans with addictions and co-occurring problems. C4 Recovery Solutions is acutely aware that many involved in developing treatment approaches for Veterans, i.e., clinicians, scientists, policymakers, have not successfully shared their successes with each other. C4 Recovery Solutions is also aware that some very successful non-traditional approaches must also become part of the treatment armamentarium. Because of C4 Recovery Solutions' success in convening experts to address similar issues, we know that the recommendations of this group will provide added value to the addiction treatment field.

Because of C4 Recovery Solutions' expertise in convening expert panels, we can help individuals and organizations bring together experts to address important issues. Please contact C4 Recovery Solutions at: 800.611.5735 to discuss such convening opportunities with a C4 Recovery Solutions staff person.