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AXIS Addiction Executives Industry Summit

C4 Recovery Solutions is hosting AXIS as a working conference for Board Members, Senior Executives, Medical Directors, Clinical Supervisors, Midlevel Managers and Information Technology staff to plan for and implement strategies to meet the challenges facing the mental health and substance use disorder field with the upcoming shifts in the landscape due to the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  

To survive and thrive in today’s competitive healthcare landscape, your company needs multi-talented senior executives and management who have a firm grasp of the big picture.  Additionally, significant changes are occurring in the behavioral health systems.  C4 Recovery Solution, Inc.’s AXIS conference is designed to assist companies and programs strengthen their leadership team and explore how to integrate critical business functions in a unified strategy that drives ethical excellence and growth.  

AXIS brings together individuals from diverse companies to engage in a stimulating exchange of ideas.