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In 1988 the American addiction treatment industry was at its peak, never larger or more profitable in its history, but it was also poised on the brink of the impending "managed cost" correction.  In less than 5 years the industry’s 35,000 beds would shrink to less than 3,000.  Many providers at that time were defenseless, having little or no ability to demonstrate to the funders and payers that the services they were purchasing were indeed making a difference. This was the major reason that so many financial resources were diverted from addiction treatment at such an astounding speed.

In response to this veritable earthquake in addiction treatment funding, the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD) created C4 Recovery Solutions' predecessor organization, the Committee on Benefits (COB). COB was tasked with finding ways of addressing the challenges created by the managed cost revolution.

In 2000, COB spun off from NCADD and became a 501(c)(3), The Coalition of Outcomes Based Benefits (COBB). Some of the new organization's goals were to improve access and accountability for the treatment of substance use disorders. COBB sought to advance these goals by initiating constructive dialogue among all interested groups; educating and motivating policymakers so they would embrace new strategies; and aiding in the design and implementation of programs demonstrating the efficacy of outcomes-based funding for treatment services. COBB worked diligently to implement outcomes-based treatment models. One of the largest of these involved the management of treatment services for families receiving temporary assistance in moving from welfare to employment. This project, known as the New Jersey Substance Abuse Initiative continues today.

In 2005 COBB changed its name to C4 Recovery Solutions Inc. to more accurately reflect its main addiction-related activities – Convening, Collaborating, Consulting and Conferencing. C4 Recovery Solutions acquired the Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders (CCSAD) and collaborated with its UK sister organization The Addiction Recovery Foundation to establish the UKESAD (UK/European Symposium on Addictive Disorders) in the United Kingdom. In 2009, C4 Recovery Solutions established the West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders (WCSAD) to complement the CCSAD.

Today, C4 Recovery Solutions has evolved into a global organization dedicated to promoting accountability-based treatment services, increasing access to treatment, and educating and training addiction treatment professionals. To accomplish these goals C4 Recovery Solutions has chosen four strategies:

  • to provide Conferencing, which includes sponsorship C4 Recovery Solutions' renowned West Coast (WCSAD) and Cape Cod (CCSAD) Symposia on Addictive Disorders,
  • to Convene diverse groups of stakeholders to address various issues in the addictions field, including, for example, using outcome data to improve treatment, and educating and motivating policymakers and payers to embrace new strategies incorporating outcome data,
  • to Collaborate with interested organizations and individuals to establish accountability-based treatment demonstration projects and to assist in the design and implementation of programs demonstrating the efficacy of outcomes-based funding for treatment services, and
  • to Consult with local programs, organizations, policymakers, and payers to address operational issues, including collecting and using outcome data.

These four Cs (Conferencing, Convening, Collaborating, and Consulting) are the strategies that C4 Recovery Solutions uses to address improving the quality of and access to addiction treatment.

Some resources from the early history of C4 Recovery Solutions are featured in the Documents and Resources tab.