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C4 Recovery Solutions, Inc., a non-profit organization founded more than twenty years ago, started as an informal network of addiction and behavioral health professionals, policymakers, payers, and other stakeholders concerned about the quality of and access to addiction treatment services. Today, C4 Recovery Solutions has evolved into a global organization dedicated to promoting accountability-based treatment services, increasing access to treatment, and educating and training addiction treatment professionals. To accomplish these goals C4 Recovery Solutions has chosen four strategies:

  • to provide Conferencing, which includes sponsorship of C4 Recovery Solutions' renowned West Coast (WCSAD) and Cape Cod (CCSAD) Symposia on Addictive Disorders, Clinical Overview of the Recovery Experience (CORE), and Addiction eXectutives Industry Summit (AXIS)
  • to Convene diverse groups of stakeholders to address various issues in the addictions field including, using outcome data to improve treatment, and educating and motivating policymakers and payers to embrace new strategies incorporating outcome data,
  • to Collaborate with interested organizations and individuals to establish accountability-based treatment demonstration projects and to assist in the design and implementation of programs demonstrating the efficacy of outcomes-based funding for treatment services, and
  • to Consult with local programs, organizations, policymakers, and payers to address operational issues, including collecting and using outcome data.

These four Cs (Conferencing, Convening, Collaborating, and Consulting) are the strategies that C4 Recovery Solutions uses to address improving the quality of and access to addiction treatment.